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Too many tags can slow down page loads hampering traffic and sales

by Uptrends  on 17 March 2011 04:40

Research from TagMan Inc. indicates that 10% of a website’s traffic is lost for every extra second it takes to load a page. Tagman CEO Paul Cook states that when multiple tags are on a retail site, the page performance can be degraded. Tags are elements of code which are used to monitor website activity. An example of the use of tags would be provide data to analytics systems or follow the results of online marketing efforts. They enable online merchants the ability to track the time and origins of their consumer base whether it be though affiliate programs, online ads or email marketing campaigns.

When considering the use of tags on a website, the potential for site performance derogation should be considered, according to Cook. “Retailers are spending all of this money on the performance of their web sites,” he says. “All of that hard work is getting ruined by third-party requests that are blocking the page and adding a two-second delay.”

Cook goes on to state that by installing processes that manage tags, merchants can reduce their page load time latency issues. Such systems, can also monitor 3rd party vendor tags for quality assurance issues as well. The over use or use of defective tags, can increase page load times or even prevent a website from being opened. Through the use of tag management system, online merchants can track the origins of their clients which turn helps them accurately provide payment to the appropriate affiliate or partner groups. It is not uncommon to receive multiple commission invoices for the same online purchase, which in turn can lead to improper payments. “Typically for companies who optimize, they find 20% to 30% percent savings on their affiliate payments,” Cook says.

One client of Tagman inc., Boden, a British clothing store, utilizes their tag management system to monitor such payments and web page load time performance. Through the use of only 1 tag, Boden states it has given them the ability to track the origin of their consumers, which in turn has led the reduction of commissions to their online advertisement affiliates by 10 to 15%.


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