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Website performance is key focus for Shopatron during holiday shopping season.

by Uptrends  on 3 October 2011 07:21

Like most online retailers, Shopatron Inc. generates approximately 40% of its’ annual revenue between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

With the potential of such success or failure in the balance, the online marketing and e-commerce provider knows that if must focus on their website’s load time performance. Slow page load times could make or break the holiday season’s online sales. The goal is to achieve load times no greater than 2.5 seconds. The vice president of systems engineering, Dave Cumberland was quotes as stating “We see a lot of orders and a lot of browsing traffic,” he says. “That means everything has to work up to our standards.”

The company has been preparing for the seasonal flood of shoppers by concentrating on website performance via practices such as caching images on the site in order to expedite load times.

Mr. Cumberland understands the importance of proactively testing the site prior to the critical holiday rush. He stated “We want to be ready for the unexpected”. By focusing on areas that could potentially suffer performance degradation during times of peak online traffic, the company should be well poised to optimize their potential chance for a successful online sales campaign.



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