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Uptrends Gadget for Windows allows clients to view the status of their website or server on their Windows desktop

by Uptrends  on 28 February 2012 11:31

When your website experiences issues, Uptrends provides clients a multitude of means in which to be alerted including; SMS, email, RSS, IM and even applications via iPhone and Andriod phones.  We also offer a very helpful free tool, Windows Uptime Gadget, which you can use to view the status of your websites, transactions and servers on your desktop.

The Uptrends Gadget for windows capitalizes on the Windows Sidebar and gives Uptrends users real time data providing an overall status of the environments they are monitoring. If Uptrends detects a problem in one of your websites or servers, you will be immediately notified. In addition to Uptrends' alerting via e-mail, SMS, RSS and Windows Live Messenger, the Uptrends Gadget ensures that the status of website’s availability is up-to-date by providing you with the following information:

• Quick view status indicator : green means OK, red indicates you need to take action
• Time and place of the last checkpoints utilized to monitor your environment
• The overall uptime percentage of your websites in the last 24 hours
• Average load times of your websites in the last 24 hours
• Error indications in the last 24 hours
• Warnings provided in the last 24 hours
System requirements
You will need the following to run the gadget:
• Windows  7 or Windows Vista OS
• Windows Sidebar
• A current Uptrends account (either Professional or Enterprise). You can sign up for a free trial account for Uptrends here.

Uptrends Gadget for Windows is free. Installation is easy.

The Uptrends Gadget is available as a free download here. Once the gadget file is downloaded, it will install itself automatically. After the installation, all you will need to do is type your regular Uptrends account ID and password in the gadget's settings. The gadget will then immediately connect to your account and provide you with the current status of your websites being monitored. After the initial status is given, it will  continually, automatically refresh itself.


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