Don’t get caught with your DNS down

If there is one thing that web professionals know, it is that website uptime and performance can make or break you. But the same goes for your DNS.

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DNS is critical for navigation

Your DNS, or Domain Name System, is necessary for your users to be able to successfully navigate to your website and use your web services. Without it, users would need to memorize exact IP addresses in order to get from Point A to Point B on the internet.

As you can imagine, most users wouldn’t be willing to memorize a numerical IP address to navigate the internet. Heck, most aren’t even willing to memorize creative security passwords.

What can cause an outage?

Despite your best efforts, sometimes outages or downtime can happen. But if you consider the potential possibilities and come up with a plan, you can minimize DNS downtime.

DNS downtime can be caused by:

  • Poor DNS server performance
  • DNS server downtime
  • Cache “poisoning” or hijacking
  • Improper configuration

So what happens when your DNS goes down?

Fire. Brimstone. Cats and dogs raining from the skies!

Okay, maybe that doesn’t happen when your DNS suffers downtime. But what does happen sure isn’t pretty. (But neither is what happens when your website goes down.)

When your DNS fails, your users will be unable to reach your website or web services using your standard domain. For example, if our DNS failed, you would be unable to reach The only way around that would be to know the IP address for the server in which our website resides.

That means that your users will assume that your website is down, broken, unreliable, and insecure, which in turn may cost you in lost revenue and/or reputation.

Don’t get left in the dark over your DNS status

Uptrends Website Monitoring

With Uptrends Website Monitoring you can monitor your DNS uptime and performance status, 24/7, from any number of our 132+ global monitoring checkpoints. If your DNS suffers downtime or performance troubles, your team will be the first to know with up-to-the-minute SMS and e-mail alerts.

Have a specific DNS query you want to monitor?

No problem! Uptrends can monitor: A, AAAA, CNAME, MX, NS, SOA, and TXT records, as well as the Root Server.

You can even get started with a free 4-week trial of Uptrends, with no credit card required. What do you have to lose?

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