Where are the most visited websites hosted?

The far most website are hosted in the U.S., with Houston hosting over 50.000 of the most trafficked sites in the world followed by Mountain View, Dallas and Scotsdale. But also Europe is doing very well with Germany as second best country and Amsterdam as best ‘hostingcity’ of Europe. It would not probably surprise you that the answer to that question is the U.S. hosting over 450.000 of the world’s most visited websites.

As retailers reinvent their in-store shopping experience in the face of the continued rise of e-commerce, research released by Cisco found that 78 percent of all US shoppers use the Internet to research and purchase products and services. The study also found that 71 percent of shoppers want access to digital content in the store for price comparisons, check availability, ratings/reviews and receive expert advice in which 1 in 3 shoppers uses a mobile phone to research in store.

Under the influence of the Internet and new communications technologies is the buying behavior of consumers in recent years intervene and quickly changed. The consumer determines his own profile, looking for a sales channel and buy when it comes out at one time and is much more critical and informed. It requires higher demands and availability of the Internet environment of the retailer to facilitate and encourage the use of Internet in the shop.

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