Another new web browser takes the stage

Vivaldi, a company formed by the former CEO of Opera, has just released a technical preview of its new web browser. Its mission: to target the needs of users looking for advanced browsing functionality.

The technical preview comes less than a week after Microsoft officially previewed its new Project Spartan browser, set to release with Windows 10.

Vivaldi is available for Windows, Linux, and Mac, and offers a number of nifty functionality not built-in or often talked about in Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari, or Firefox.

Some of the previewed features include: customizable quick keyboard commands (shortcuts), in-browser note taking with screenshots, speed dials, and tab stacks (for organizing multiple tabs). Vivaldi has stated that these features are a very early peak at some of the functionality they are intending to include in the long run, and are looking for user feedback.

If you are interested in taking this new web browser out for a spin, head on over to the Vivaldi website, and then let us know what you think in the comments below! We will post our take on the technical preview sometime next week.

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