_Backspace: Tech News #2

_Backspace is a new ongoing Uptrends blog series where we look at the hottest tech news, rumors, and releases from the past week.

News, Rumors, etc. for the week of 1/26 – 1/30

Cloud computing adoption low in EU

According to a study conducted by ZyXEL, the adoption of cloud computing services in the EU varies dramatically from country to country, with Germany leading in terms of overall adoption.

Mozilla using old, unused hardware for Tor relays

Mozilla, the open source software community is furthering its privacy protecting street cred by turning many of its decommissioned networking gear and servers into relays for the anonymity network, Tor.

Google’s Chief CFO speaks about Glass

Google’s Glass Explorer program has been shut down, but word has come out regarding the potential fate of the Glass device itself during Google’s earnings call for Q4 2014.

Chase and Bank of America drop Windows Phone apps

Following the Windows 10 event, both Chase and Bank of America have officially swung the axe on their Windows Phone banking apps. It is so far unclear whether or not they are working to return when Windows 10 releases.

Facebook suffers hour-long downtime event

Early Tuesday morning, social media juggernaut Facebook suffered lengthy downtime just a little under an hour. We take a look at the data that the Uptrends website monitoring app captured.

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