A year in search: Google’s top results for 2015


Google has used its immense scope and power to once again reveal the top things the human race was curious about in 2015.

Google released their data showing a year in search for 2015, compiling a short video showcasing the most popular questions that people asked. The data that the company released revealed that these were the top searches for the past year:

  1. Paris attacks – 897 million
  2. 2015 Academy Awards – 406 million
  3. Cricket World Cup – 323 million
  4. Rugby World Cup – 246 million
  5. Star Wars: The Force Awakens – 155 million
  6. Women’s World Cup – 113 million
  7. Elizabeth II, longest reigning queen – 100 million
  8. Nepal Earthquake – 85 million
  9. The color changing dress – 73 million
  10. FIFA scandal – 42 million

The video google released highlights many of the top google searches and biggest news stories of 2015, such as the legalization of same sex marriage in the United States and the refugee crisis in the Middle East. It revealed through the power of the internet how human beings living in vastly different cultures can find a connection.

Google kept a consistent theme throughout the video of overcoming adversity, pop culture, scientific achievement, and universal acceptance. The world hit some major milestones in 2015, like the U.S. finally ending the trade embargo with Cuba and the world finally getting to see a new Star Wars film. What was your 2015 like? Did you find yourself googling some of the things covered?

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