Uptrends does Star Wars

The latest film in the Star Wars saga premiered in the United States on the 17th, and a few members of the Uptrends team braved the masses to catch a first glimpse of the movie. Securing a spot in line hours before the doors to the theater were open, new friends were made and the atmosphere was alive with the anticipation of a new Star Wars film.

The emotional state was palpable. Excitement, nervousness, fear – No one knew what to expect apart from the few moments everyone got to see in the trailers. It’s been over ten years since the last full length Star Wars film came out, and that was to lackluster appreciation from the public.

Ever since Disney acquired Lucasfilm for $4 billion in 2012, however, the media giant has been ambitiously laying the groundwork for a variety of Star Wars films, even succeeding in getting many of the original cast members back together. Other iconic actors like Simon Pegg, Gwendoline Christie, and even Daniel Craig came out to be a part of the movie. Combining that with the vocal talent of Ewan McGregor, Frank Oz, and Alec Guinness, this film was a force (pun most definitely intended) to be reckoned with.

Without giving away major plot spoilers, our team thoroughly enjoyed the movie. It was nostalgic, beautifully written and directed, and the veteran actors in no way outshined the new cast that will be taking the helm from here on out. It balanced humor with excellent storytelling, and over the weekend did about $517 million in global ticket sales.

If you have not seen the film yet, we highly recommend you get to a theater and check it out!

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