Project Spartan Confirmed

Microsoft announced today during its Windows 10 event that the new “Project Spartan” browser will in fact be coming with the release of the new OS, featuring Cortana, in-browser notes, and a reading mode, as previously rumored.

What is Project Spartan?

As we mentioned in our IE Spartan, and Cortana Coming to IE SpartanTrending Rumor’ posts, Project Spartan is a new lightweight web browser being developed by Microsoft, intended to compete with Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and Opera. Web developers might like this little factoid: the browser is intended to run on desktops, tablets, and smartphones running Windows 10.

We now know, thanks to the Windows 10 event (which we will cover more in detail soon), more definitively what Project Spartan will look like and feature, come launch time for Windows 10.

In-browser annotation/notes

If you’ve ever wished that you could easily take screenshots of webpages, share/sketch out notes on top of news stories, or simply take notes in-browser – your dream will soon be a reality. Project Spartan is set to make it easy to do all of the above, with a keyboard, mouse, touch device, or stylus.

Cortana support

Windows 10 has built-in Cortana support, but if you use the Project Spartan browser with Cortana you will be able to easily search the web and get more information regarding topics on any given webpage. One of the coolest examples we saw within the event was right clicking on a word and being presented a definition, and a series of links just like you would with Google’s search notecards.

Reading mode

This mode looks to make it easier to cut through the fluff on a webpage and deliver clean content. If you’ve ever used a news aggregator on your mobile device, picture that but in your desktop browser.

What do you think of this development?

Are you excited about a replacement to Internet Explorer? Feeling glee about *hopefully* better browsing standards?

Share your thoughts in the comments below, or tweet @UptrendsMonitor. We really want to know what you think!

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