Social media reacts to slow websites

We are all familiar with that rising feeling of frustration when a website refuses to load, or when a video refuses to buffer. If you host a website you know full well just how detrimental a slow load speed can be to your business.

It can still be easy to lose touch, though. Downtime and slow performance never looks good on a quarterly report, but in the end it is real people who are affected by website performance issues. We took to twitter and looked through the posts featuring #slowsite, #slowwebsite, and #slowinternet. What we found were some very human responses to a situation we can all relate to.

“I could literally run to Scotland and back and my internet would still be loading a webpage.”

“Why is my speed 20.45d/15.04u when I pay for 200d/20u in Austin Tx.”

“WOW, the disney cruise line site is painfully slow. arrgg.”

“Sooooo our internet is like 1.6 mps… that is extremely bad.” 

“Why must internet always run slow when there’s uni work to be done?” 

“This site is so slow! Good lord, even with my internet it should not be this bad.” 

“Why the **** is the adidas site so slow man.”

“Everything on this site is loading so slow I’m gonna scream.”

“For being the main place for people to buy tickets online, @Ticketmaster ***. WHY IS  YOUR SITE SO SLOW.” 

Why did it take me half an hour to check out 2 items on the Gerald cosmetics site? Slow service :(” 

“Hey @AshleyFurniture, please tell me who made your website because my slow cooker cooks faster than your site loads. Way to lose customers.” 

“Hey @YouTube, when you run unskippable 60-90 second ads in full HD on a slow connection, it makes me really not want to use your site.” 

We also found at least a couple of tweets that were too explicit to share here, but basically referred to the slow websites as “annoying”, among other choice words.

Slow and unreliable websites are one of the biggest sources of frustration for people today; even a slowdown of just 1 or 2 seconds could mean your website loses thousands of visitors. We can help you identify slow performance so it can be fixed. You can start monitoring your own site today with our 30 day free trial!

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