New! SMS delivery settings for each operator

We currently use four different providers for delivering SMS/text messages to all of our customers who use SMS alerting. The gateway that works best for you depends on which country you reside in, and in some cases your mobile carrier.

Which gateway am I using?

If you’re in the United States your best bet is our U.S. gateway. We also have two European gateways (although these could work for customers outside of Europe as well), and a fourth gateway for all of our international customers. When your Uptrends account is created, we’ll set you up with the gateway that makes the most sense for your location. This can always be changed in your account settings.

This is great if all of your operators are based in one region, but what if you have operators spread across the globe? If you have operators based in the U.S., Europe, and Asia, you’ll need to set up specific gateways for each operator. The account default can be overridden for each operator, allowing them to choose their own SMS settings.

How do I change the SMS operator settings?

  • In your Uptrends account select Account in the blue menu at the top, and in the drop down menu select Operators. 
  • Choose which operator you’d like to change the settings for.
  • The third section on this page holds your SMS Settings.
  • If you haven’t changed things before, it should be currently set to Use account SMS settings. Change this by clicking the bubble next to Override account SMS settings. 
  • From here you can select the gateway that makes the most sense for your location.
  • Don’t forget to add the correct mobile phone number as well as your accurate country code. Feel free to test it out by clicking on Send test SMS. You can do this as many times as you like, we don’t charge for test messages.

Operator Settings

That’s it! You should start receiving SMS alerts when an error is detected.

Not interested in using SMS? You can still receive emails whenever an error is detected, or set up an integration with either Slack or PagerDuty! With so many options, you’ll never be surprised with downtime or poor performance ever again.

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