Uptrends calling: Say Hi to Phone Alerts

Get ready for the phone to ring! Uptrends has added Phone/voice Alerts to its list of alert types. If our SMS/text, email, API, app, and Slack and PagerDuty integrations are not enough, you can now integrate voice Phone Alerts.

No more will you have to miss an important alert because you were engrossed in a meeting, glued to the big game, or sound asleep and didn’t hear the notification chime. Instead of those feeble little alert beeps and dings, you can now have Uptrends call you with an automated voice message!

How does it work?

When something goes wrong on your website, Uptrends verifies the error by sending a second test. If that second test finds the same error, Uptrends triggers an alert. Uptrends checks your alert definitions, locates the on-duty operator’s phone number, and places the call. Your on-duty operator will receive the call from a predetermined outgoing number (you can set the outgoing number globally, or override the global selection on an operator basis). Therefore, your operator knows the outgoing alert number, and she can add the number to her contact list for quick identification. When the operator answers the phone, they’ll hear an automated voice say something like this:

Hello, this is Uptrends.
We detected an error for the monitor, Home Page. The error was HTTP pattern matched, and it started occurring 1 minute ago.

Set up Phone Alerts

You can start testing out the Phone Alerts feature today! First, you have to have a Premium account or higher (Sorry, Starter package holders, but you can upgrade. Contact us.). Since the feature is currently in beta (but stable and fully-featured!), please let us know your account ID by creating a support ticket. We’ll activate the new feature for you right away.

Setup is a two-step process:

  1. Make sure you have added the mobile phone numbers for each operator that will receive calls.
  2. Set the Alert by notifications to Phone in you alert escalation definitions.

You can find detailed setup instructions on the Knowledge Base Phone Alerts page.

Charges for Phone Alerts

Every account starts with some SMS/Phone Alert credits. Once you have used all of your package credits, you will need to purchase more credits to continue getting SMS/Phone Alerts.


Phone Alerts can save your reputation and prevent lost revenue by making sure that your highly critical errors get a fast response. If you have additional questions, comments, or you need help, don’t hesitate to reach out by calling us or opening a service ticket. Your success is important to us. Contact us.

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