Kickstart Progress: Droplet

This week’s “Kickstart Progress” feature looks at Droplet, an internet connected smart button intended to help you keep track of important daily tasks.

Let’s say that you want to share the chore of cleaning the office kitchen with the rest of your team. That means remembering to clean the coffee pot, do the dishes, clean out the fridge, and so on and so forth.

You could use sticky notes, send memos, or simply vocalize your reminders, but it can be very time consuming to remind everyone to do their individual tasks. Droplet aims to make it easier to remember to perform tasks, and keep track of your progress, while helping you build good habits.

How does Droplet work?

The Droplet system consists of small internet connected buttons called Droplets, the Droplet Smart Hub, and theDroplet smartphone application. The Smart Hub device bridges the Droplets to the Droplet smartphone app.

  1. To add a new reminder, such as cleaning the office coffee pot, you would place a Droplet button near wherever that activity is performed.
  2. You would then set up the activity inside the Droplet app, adding the activity name, frequency, reminder parameters, etc.
  3. After you set the activity in the app you would press the Droplet button, and it will begin tracking your progress, sending you alerts if you forget to perform the activity!

Other applications

We used cleaning the office kitchen as an example activity, but we can foresee Droplet being useful for your other duties, including:

  • Testing backup power units
  • Checking cable connections
  • Rebooting network router
  • Performing system maintenance
  • Collecting office mail
  • Cleaning office equipment
  • Ordering office supplies
  • …and more

Droplet may effectively help your productivity

We love keeping track of our workflow.

Whether it is coordinating with the Uptrends team using online collaboration tools, monitoring website analytics, or using ourwebsite performance monitoring tools, we love collecting and analyzing data in an effort to enhance productivity.

The Droplet team is putting together something quite different from some of the other Internet of Things related systems we’ve seen, because they aren’t defining how you use it.

We like this open-endedness because it allows you to decide what and how you can be the most productive. If you want to use Droplet to make sure you take out the trash at home, you could. You could also decide to set up a Droplet at the office to make sure you check the mailroom. The possibilities are endless!

The Droplet Kickstarter Campaign

The Droplet team is looking for $80,000 in pledges by Tuesday, May 19th. They have a series of great looking pledge rewards, including the Droplet product, so we encourage you to check it out:

Visit the Droplet Kickstarter Page

What do you think?

Let us know what you think of Droplet in the comments below, or on Twitter by tweeting @UptrendsMonitor. We’ll follow up on the campaign in the coming weeks, and we may even feature your comments!

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