Kickstart Progress Update: Hive smart home

A few weeks ago we previewed the Hive smart home system Kickstarter campaign, which promises to deliver a unified home security, automation, and entertainment experience.

Campaign update:

The Hive campaign, started by Hive Life of Salt Lake City, Utah, passed the 75% funded mark this past weekend and has since been extended to runthrough March 15th.

Hive Life has teased stretch goals, but is (at the time of this writing) still short of its $100,000 goal.

What the campaign is promising:

The promise of the Hive smart home has not changed much since our last “Kickstart Progress” feature covering the system, but we have gleaned a few details through the campaign comments section:

  1. “Hive Hub and Hive Sound only meet the plug, power, and frequency requirements of the United States.”
  2. The team at Hive Life does not currently have plans to integrate with NAS devices (network area storage), stating that “all camera integrations and storage will initially be based on live streams only.”
  3. Key fobs for the security functionality of Hive may be coming in a future release.

How to keep up with Hive

We’ll be posting an update to the Hive campaign progress in the coming weeks as new details and news emerge, but if you would like to ask the Hive Life team any questions or contribute to their campaign, go to: or tweet @hiveconnected.

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