On your right… touring the Quonix datacenter

We salute the unsung heroes of the internet: datacenters and their staff. With this new ongoing series we wanted to help them step into the spotlight!

After all, the uptime of your web services plays a big role when it comes to how customers identify with your brand. If your web services aren’t available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, your reputation and/or bottom line are likely going to pay the price. Your choice in datacenter can make a lasting impact!

This week we’re welcoming you to take a look at a Quonix datacenter (presented by Datacenters.com) so you can see how their facility was constructed and how their team operates. We think you’ll find it interesting to compare how they handle their location’s security, energy, heat, and technology needs.

Interested in other datacenter tours?

Check out a tour of the TekLinks datacenter we posted a few weeks back, and feel free to share your own tour of a datacenter with us. We’re constantly looking all over the internet for cool behind the scenes looks, and we’d love to feature you!

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