5 Chrome web developer tools you can’t live without

If you’re a web developer and you use Google Chrome, you’re probably familiar with the browser’s built-in developer tools. But what if we told you that there are some other great developer tools available?

We’ve (Avengers!) assembled a list that includes 5 of our favorite Chrome web developer tools, which we hand-picked in an effort to help you rethink your development workflow and improve your efficiency.

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The Web Developer Tools

  1. EditThisCookie

    EditThisCookie empowers you to interact with browser cookies within Chrome, including: adding, editing, deleting, searching for, protecting, blocking, and importing/exporting cookies. It’s pretty handy!

  2. Ghostery

    The Ghostery extension for Chrome detects trackers, bugs, pixels, and beacons used by the websites you visit, and offers the capability to block scripts, images, and other elements of a website. Just be sure to disable Ghostrank if you don’t want Ghostery to keep tabs on your usage data!

  3. Clear Cache

    It can be a pain to clear your browser cache just to see a few elements that you’ve changed on your website. With Clear Cache, you can pick and choose which cached elements you want to clear, so you don’t need to deal with the hassle of re-entering passwords, etc.

  4. Mobile/Responsive Web Design Tester

    So you’re developing a responsively designed website. Fantastic! This extension makes it easy to see what it looks like in various screen resolutions on desktops, and mobile devices. It can even emulate user agents!

  5. Session Manager

    If you’ve been doing a lot of browsing in Chrome, you know how troubling it can be when you need to quickly pack up and go. With Session Manager, you can save your entire browsing session into lists and access them whenever you’d like! Trust us, this is a must-have extension!

What’s your favorite Chrome developer tool?

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