_Backspace: Tech News #1

_Backspace is a new ongoing Uptrends blog series where we look at the hottest tech news, rumors, and releases from the past week.

News, Rumors, etc. for the week of 1/12 – 1/15

Marriot backs down from WiFi blocking

Marriot will not be blocking guests private Wi-Fi devices, citing that they “..will continue to look to the FCC to clarify appropriate security measures network operators can take to protect customer data, and will continue to work with the industry and others to find appropriate market solutions that do not involve the blocking of Wi-Fi devices.”

PC Market not dead yet

According to Gartner Inc., PC shipments in the fourth quarter of 2014 increased 1% over the previous year. No word on whether tablets are running scared!

Curtain lifted on another Project Ara prototype

Google’s Project Ara team released another prototype of its modular phone. (And it’s announced that Puerto Rico will get to try it first!)

President Obama pushes FCC to expand faster broadband access

According to a new video published on WhiteHouse.gov, President Obama is pushing to make high-speed internet available to everyone. Check it out, this is a huge story!

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