Curtain lifted on another Project Ara prototype

Are you frustrated with the struggle to keep up with new mobile phone technology? Hate it when you have to replace an entire phone when one part breaks?

Google’s Project Ara is looking to solve these problems, and more.

What is Project Ara?

The main goal behind Project Ara is to eliminate the need for constantly replacing mobile phone technology by making the core design, modular.

This modular structure means that you could swap out screens when yours shatters or cracks, add more memory when applications are moving slowly, improve your onboard camera when you need more image capturing power, and so on and so forth. Ara promises a completely new way of looking at mobile phone ownership and production. In fact, it resembles the idea of the original build-your-own desktop PC.

The Spiral 2 prototype

Spiral 2 is the latest prototype to come from Project Ara, currently featuring 11 modules to swapinto the phone. These modules include: a receiver module, screen, 5MP camera, WiFi/Bluetooth, USB charger port, Band 5 antenna, swappable battery, 3G modem, speaker, and 2 processor options.

To see some of the module hot-swapping in action, check out the video from Google’s Project Ara team below:

What would you do with a Project Ara phone?

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Project Ara Homepage

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