Trending Rumors: Cortana coming to IE Spartan?

The browser wars from the 1990’s are still underway, with Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox leading the pack. But rumor has it that Microsoft is set to launch a new browser, codenamed Spartan, with Cortana support.

The Trending Rumor:

Thanks to sources close to popular tech blog The Verge, last week’s fuzzy rumors of a new lightweight Microsoft browser may be getting a little clearer. The new, trending rumor has it that Microsoft is not planning to launch IE Spartan as a secondary browser as previously rumored, but rather as a browser to end all browsers.

Browser features galore

IE Spartan is said to include a series of ground-breaking features not currently available in Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, Opera, or any other web browsers.

These rumored features include: inking support for in-browser notes and annotations, integration with the Cortana digital assistant, capability to group tabs, and cross-platform compatibility. (That means any laptop, desktop, tablet, or phone running Windows 10.)

Original post from The Verge

Our Take:

We are always looking for new ways to streamline our online workflow (Hello, Uptrends 4!), and the rumored feature set seems dedicated to making your web browsing experience less of a hassle. Microsoft’s big focus over the past year or so has been on the concept of “productivity,” and this news seems to fit in quite nicely.

Who knows? Maybe we will find out more during Microsoft’s Windows 10 event, coming on January 21st! But Microsoft? No Clippy integration, please.


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