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We stand by our commitment to making the Internet a better place, so we are excited to bring you Uptrends Free! We are putting quality uptime, performance monitoring, and alerts in the hands of everyone that cares about making sure their site remains available for all. You never need to worry again about site outages going unnoticed with Uptrends Free. Here is what you get.

Monitor one website

Your Uptrends Free account lets you monitor one webpage. Give us the URL for the monitored page, and Uptrends synthetic monitoring will check every five minutes to make sure your site returns an error-free response. You can even test basic authentication if that applies to your website.

Monitor worldwide

We’ve got monitoring checkpoints around the globe, and we will check your site from cities in North America and Europe. You will capture localized outages, and you will know if your site responds properly in cities like New York and Berlin. Check out the full list:

  • Europe: Paris (France), Berlin (Germany), Frankfurt (Germany), Milan (Italy), Amsterdam (Netherlands), London (United Kingdom)
  • North America: Montreal (Canada), Dallas (United States), New York (United States), San Diego (United States)

Customizable requests

You can test your site with any user agent you would like. Simulate Chrome, Firefox, Safari, IE, or write your own user agent. Please note that this doesn’t actually spin off a browser; you’ll only be able to change the user agent of a request to mimic certain behavior. You can write your own GET or POST request headers too.

Performance monitoring

Tell us how long it should take for the response to return, and we will let you know when the response time exceeds the limit for a baseline performance check. A little disclaimer here: for HTTP monitors, we only download the HTML content, no images, scripts or any other elements. That means that the load times you see are the times it took to set up a connection to your site and download the HTML content. While this isn’t a full-blown load time test (hey, FPC!), it can give an indication of how your load time progresses over time. Just be aware that it doesn’t give you the full picture though.

Content checks

When something absolutely should or shouldn’t be in the response, Uptrends will check for you and let you know. By using regular expressions, you can match almost any given content in a page. You can also check for specific status codes and minimum response size.

Reliable email alerting

When one of our checkpoints encounters a problem with your site, we try it again from another checkpoint to verify the error. If we get another error from the other checkpoint, we fire off an email alert to let you know your page is in trouble. If the error goes on too long, escalations will help you get the message out to your team; you can send additional emails or add SMS messages (fees apply). SMS messages will follow in a future update, so please keep a close eye on our social media channels.


You can always check your site’s status using your dashboards. Your dashboards show the individual checks and how your site has been doing over time. The tiles in your Account Overview dashboard show:

  • Account status, so you can see your website status at a glance
  • Uptime and confirmed errors chart
  • Monitor check log, for detailed check analysis
  • Recent Alerts overview

You can download reports in PDF and Excel for sharing and long-term data storage.

Get started

Sign up for an account and get started monitoring in minutes. You have nothing to lose and no credit card required. Just log into your account once every six months to keep it active, and we will keep watching your site for you 24/7 forever. If you need help, be sure to visit the Academy for a quick-start tour, and our Knowledge Base has detailed information if you need it. Happy monitoring, and thank you for helping make the Internet a better place!

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