New Statushub integration!

If you use Statushub, then you know why the Uptrends/Statushub integration is such an exciting new feature. We love creating integrations for other complementary products, and the Statushub integration is a great addition.

Sure we offer you free, hosted Public Status Pages, and we hope you’re using them, but Statushub takes transparency to the next level. Statushub goes beyond the status page and allows the users to get direct feeds informing them of service outages and issues. Statushub also will post directly to a Twitter feed, and sends scheduled downtime announcements.

How the Statushub integration works

The Uptrends/Statushub integration works seamlessly.

  1. Setup Statushub to work with Uptrends.
  2. Define the integration in Uptrends.
  3. Add the Statushub integration into your alert definitions.

Once integrated, when an error condition triggers an alert, Uptrends sends the information to Statushub, and your Statushub page updates to show the outage. When Uptrends detects that your system is working again, Uptrends updates your Statushub page to show your site is up. Of course, you can always control your status directly through Statushub. We’ve got the full set of instructions on our Integrations page.

Why use Public Status Pages?

Public Status Pages are all about transparency. A Public Status Page lets your site or service’s users know that your service is experiencing problems. If you’re holding your breath hoping nobody notices when your site experiences downtime, you’re doing your users and brand a big disservice. Informed users tend to be more patient, forgiving, and they aren’t bogging down your staff with questions when you need your team busy working on a resolution. Maintaining clear channels of communication generates happy, loyal users.

Other Uptrends Integrations

We give you many integration options within your Uptrends account, and we look to add more all the time. Currently, we have third-party integrations with Slack, Pagerduty, and now Statushub. The first two facilitate communications with your staff while the Statushub integration enables a direct line of communication with your users. We also offer email, SMS, phone/voice, push notices using the Uptrends app, and direct access through the Uptrends API. If you don’t see the integration that works for you, let us know so we can consider it for our next integration addition.

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