New Uptrends integration with Opsgenie

You and your team have a lot of things begging for your attention. You’ve got multiple systems in place, and if anything goes wrong, the last thing you need is a storm of notifications coming at you from everywhere. To help you centralize your messaging and incident management, Uptrends continues to add integrations with tools that your team may already use.  So, if you use Opsgenie, this new integration is for you.

What is an Opsgenie integration?

Opsgenie is an incident management system. When tools like Uptrends identify a problem, instead of sending alert messages directly to your Uptrends operators (or anyone else you’ve set up for notifications), Uptrends uses the Opsgenie integration you’ve set up in your account. Using Opsgenie, you can receive your notifications, prioritize them, assign issues to people or teams, and track problem resolution progress all in a centralized location.

How does an Opsgenie integration work with Uptrends?

Provided you have alerting turned on, when your monitors confirm an error condition, Uptrends looks to your alert definitions for instructions on whom to notify and how. In an error state, Uptrends

  1. Finds the alert definition that includes the monitor.
  2. Checks to see what notification methods you’ve enabled on the current escalation level.
  3. Checks to see which operators the escalation level includes.
  4. Sends emails, voice calls, or SMS messages to the operators indicated (if any).
  5. Sends notifications out to any third-party integrations enabled for the alert definition.

As you can see, you can use multiple communication channels within a single definition, and you can change the notification settings at the various escalation levels. In the screenshot below, this escalation level sends both an email and a notification to Opsgenie.

Uptrends' alert definition escalation level

What can I expect to see in Opsgenie?

Your Opsgenie notification includes any message you’ve added to your alert definition, date and time, priority level, and links to the Check Detail report for the error (see figure below).

An Uptrends alert in Opsgenie

How do I set up my Opsgenie integration?

Setting up an Opsgenie integration is a three-step process.

  1. Set up an API integration in Opsgenie.
  2. Set up a new integration in Uptrends.
  3. Add the integration to your alert definition.

Setup is just a few clicks and a cut-and-paste. We’ve got detailed instructions for you as well.

Note: You can have as many instances of the Opsgenie integration as you need. Set up a new one for each team that needs to respond to alerts from Uptrends.

We’ve got other integrations too

We look for and add new integrations to Uptrends all the time. Currently, we have integrations for Slack, PagerDuty, StatusHub, Microsoft Teams, VictorOps, ServiceNow, Statuspage, and you can create a custom integration using webhooks. If you don’t see the integration you need, would like to suggest an integration, or need help setting up your integration, open a support ticket. We love to hear from our users.