Update Statuspage using the new Uptrends integration

Atlassian, the maker of Opsgenie (We have an integration for Opsgenie too!), also offers Statuspage. Statuspage is a communication tool that allows users to view the current and recent past status of a website, API, or web application. In addition to a hosted status notification page, Statuspage also sends out messages to users to keep them informed about your site’s availability. Now Uptrends can automatically send updates to Statuspage using the new integration.

How does Statuspage work with Uptrends?

When your monitored website, API, or web application enters into a confirmed error state, Uptrends uses your alert definitions to determine to whom or what third-party systems it needs to send notifications. Using your alert definitions, you can send messages through SMS/text, phone voice, email, and push notifications through the Uptrends app. These messages can go out to Uptrends operators and other designated email addresses. With third-party integrations, you can send the message to a tool such as Slack, PagerDuty, StatusHub, VictorOps, ServiceNow, OpsGenie, and now Statuspage.

When Uptrends sends a message to Statuspage, the message automatically triggers Statuspage to show the error state. Once Uptrends detects the end of an error state, Uptrends sends another message, and Statuspage updates with the new working status. Your users see something like the figure below.

A Statuspage example

As you can see above, the galacticresorts.com website is experiencing its first outage in the last 90 days. The users get a real-time window into the status of the site.

How do you set up a Statuspage integration?

Setting up the integration is simple and only takes a few basic steps (get detailed instructions in our Knowledge Base).

  1. Add a new component in Statuspage. Once you’ve made the component, you will need the page_id and component_id both found in the component URL.
  2. Make a new API key in Statuspage.
  3. Add a new integration in your Uptrends account for Statuspage. Here, you need the page_id, component_id, and the API key from your Statuspage setup in steps one and two.
  4. Enable the new integration in your alert definition(s) for the monitors you wish to show up in Statuspage (see figure below).

Enable Statuspage in your alert definition

We have other integrations you might like to use too

Our developers add new integrations into Uptrends all the time. Here are a few others you may want to consider.

  • Slack: Get alerting messages directly in your communication channels.
  • PagerDuty: Route your alerts to PagerDuty for on-call scheduling and incident tracking.
  • StatusHub: Just like Statuspage but different. Uptrends also includes a public status page for your account.
  • Microsoft Teams: Get your alerting in your Teams channels.
  • VictorOps: Another incident management tool, VictorOps is designed for DevOps teams.
  • ServiceNow: Beyond incident management, Servicenow is a full management suite.
  • Custom: If your favorite tool can process incoming messages, chances are you can set up a custom integration using webhooks.

If you need additional help setting up your integrations, open a support ticket, and one of our support heroes will give you a hand.

Have an idea for a new integration?

Do you have an idea for an integration you would like to see in Uptrends? Drop us a line and let us know. Our developers are always looking for new integration opportunities, so you just might see your idea live in Uptrends.