New Checkpoints and IP updates for November 2019

November Checkpoint updates and additions are here! This month, you have three new checkpoints, and we are proud to say that the three additions make for 215 worldwide checkpoint locations.  We’ve also updated the IP addresses of two checkpoints.

Adding new checkpoints helps support your efforts to test your websites, servers, and APIs close to your users’ locations. The closer you can get to your users, the more accurate your monitoring results. Accurate results lead to faster resolution of issues. Issues you may not know about right away without our large network of checkpoints.

We publish these blogs (and send out emails) so that you know when we add new checkpoints and IP addresses change. Our DevOps team is busy adding the checkpoints and updating the IP addresses, so you can expect the changes at any time over the next week.

Our newest checkpoints

Now you have three new checkpoints to add to the 212 checkpoints. The three new checkpoints give you 215 checkpoints from which you can choose.

Bahrain, Amazon Middle East

We’ve added a checkpoint to Bahrain (IP address: Bahrain’s population of over 1.6 million people is enjoying the installation of its first fiber-optic network making high-speed available to businesses and homes throughout the country. The country currently has mobile speeds at 33.7 Mbps and broadband at 26.4 Mbps.


We’ve located our second Greece checkpoint in the city of Thessaloniki (IP address Greece has 11.1 million people using Internet speeds at 25.8 Mbps and mobile speeds at 41.4 Mbps.


With the addition of the city of Rende (IP address, we now have five checkpoints in Italy. Italy has 59.2 people on average with 59.8 Mbps broadband speeds and mobile speeds at 35.5 Mbps.

Changing IP addresses

Sometimes we have to change IP addresses on existing checkpoints, so this month, we are changing:

  • Estonia
    The Tallinn checkpoint changes from to
  • Norway
    Bergen changes from to

Need to get the entire list?

Uptrend’s website always has a current list with both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses.

Use PowerShell or CURL!

The list is available in JSON and XML format using PowerShell and/or CURL. Our Knowledge Base has the information you need to automate your updates.

Need help?

You can get answers to your questions about our Checkpoints in our Knowledge Base. You can also open a support ticket, and our support team will reach out to answer your questions.