Uptrends wins the Main Top 50 award for 2019!

The Main Capital Partners honored the most accomplished Dutch software companies this week with their Main Top 50 Awards for 2019. In 2018 Uptrends placed sixth, and this year Uptrends is proud to announce that we were awarded first place for 2019!
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Receiving the honor

An Interview with Niels Brinkman, CEO

The Main Top 50 published an article featuring an interview with Niels Brinkman, Cofounder and CEO at Uptrends. Here are the highlights from the article.

The revenue of the Dutch software-market grew through investments and international policy. Globalization and R&D are also important reasons for the enormous growth with the five winners of the Main Software 50. … Uptrends, a performance monitoring company from Alphen aan den Rijn, with offices in Florida USA, Erkrath Germany, and France, is no stranger in the Main 50. The company could be found in the Top Fifty list for over five years but can now finally call itself a winner.

The company has been climbing steadily for a few years at the Main 50. The company was at number 18 in 2016, last year at number 6, and now number1, and thus, the winner. That achievement is due to the investments made to improve the software and up-scaling of their portfolio based on the wishes of the clients.

“We really try to listen to our customers. We list the wishes of our customers and determine the most important ones. Then we try to include them in our portfolio.”

Last year Uptrends added API-monitoring to their portfolio, where the performance, function, and uptime of API’s can be tracked. Uptrends will branch out next year. Their server monitoring service is expected to hit the market in 2020.

“We also want to provide internal server monitoring in 2020. New and different aspects come into play with the monitoring of servers. Every supplier has different specifications for their server because they all work a little bit differently. It’s truly a trade of its own.”

The founders

Looking to the future

Where do you go when you reach the top? You stay there. At Uptrends, we plan to continue to expand and improve our popular Uptrends line of products. We thank all of you that continue to benefit from Uptrends’ services, and we look forward to serving you in the future. Cheers!