October 2019: New and updated website monitoring checkpoints

For the month of October, we’ve added three new checkpoint locations for a total of 212, and we’ve updated the IP addresses of three more checkpoints. We keep adding new checkpoints because you need to monitor your websites and web services from as close to your users’ locations as you can get. A few randomly placed monitoring locations or just monitoring from the cloud (who’s users are in the cloud anyway?) doesn’t cut it. To maintain a quality network, we need to keep the checkpoint network updated, and we need to keep growing our network to fit your changing user base.

We are making the changes right now, and we should have them all done within the week. So if you’ve whitelisted our checkpoints, make sure you update your list.

New Checkpoints

Our checkpoint network is growing. We’ve added three new checkpoints:

Bosnia and Herzegovina

We’ve located a new checkpoint in the city of Novi Travnik (IP address: Bosnia and Herzegovina has a population of 3.5 million with 2.8 million of those people using the Internet regularly. The country’s Internet speed ranks 86th in the world with average speeds of 7.53 MBPS.


The city of Regensburg is the site of Germany’s 13th checkpoint location (IP address Germany’s population of 82.4 million people has 79.1 million enjoying 24.64 MBPS. Germany has the 27th fastest Internet speeds.

United States

We’ve put a checkpoint in Lenoir, North Carolina (IP address for a total of 9 checkpoints in the southeastern United States. Not only is the south-east region the home of our US office, but it is home to approximately 97 million people. The region experiences 36.75 MBPS on average, and the US as a whole ranks 15th in the world for Internet speeds.

Changing IP addresses

Periodically we need to change IP addresses on existing checkpoints. For the month of October, we are changing the following checkpoints:

  • Austria
    The Salzburg checkpoint changes from to
  • Egypt
    The Cairo checkpoint changes from to
  • United States
    The Clifton, New Jersey checkpoint changes from to

Get the full list

You can always view the full list of checkpoints on the Uptrends website, where you can get the updated list along with their IPv4 and IPv6 addresses.

Automate it!

You can also get the list in JSON and XML format using PowerShell and/or CURL. Learn more in our Knowledge Base.

We are here if you need us

If you have questions about our Checkpoints, first check the many Knowledge Base articles we have on the subject. If you still have questions, open a support ticket. One of our support heroes will contact you to answer your questions.