New: Waterfalls and Screenshots for Transactions

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If you’re a fan of using our Full Page Checks you’re probably familiar with detailed waterfall reports. Screenshots may also sound familiar, as we already offer Screenshots for particular error types in Http(s) and Real Browser monitors. Now, we’re expanding these features to another critical part of your website monitoring: Transactions!

What are Transaction Waterfalls?

Transaction Waterfalls allow you to generate detailed waterfall reports for individual steps of a complex, multi-step process, like a shopping cart. This can help you trace files that are downloaded by the browser for each and every step, as well as see if there are any errors along the way. Once you’ve selected a step for a waterfall chart, Uptrends will monitor it and generate the waterfall once the step is completed. By doing it this way you can see the waterfall for just the steps you want, instead of the entire transaction.

What are Transaction Screenshots?

To get the most out of your website transactions you need to see exactly how a webpage looks as data is being transmitted. We’ve developed a solution by creating Transaction Screenshots. Similar to the Transaction Waterfalls feature, you can select specific steps that you want to see screenshots of. The screenshot is taken after the step is performed, and you will get a concise image of all of the data that is sent across the webpage at that moment. This feature is especially helpful if you want to track what the transaction looks like at a specific date and time.

Uptrends will also automatically generate a screenshot if an error is detected, allowing you to see the exact data that was being transmitted at the time of the error.

How can I get started?

We have instructions on how to set up these new features in your account. You can take a look at our Knowledge Base for both Transaction Waterfalls and Transaction Screenshots. However, these new features are only available in the Enterprise version of Uptrends. If you’d like to learn more or upgrade to Enterprise, feel free to contact our sales team!

We’d love your feedback!

We are excited to hear what you think about these new features. Are there other features you’d like us to develop, or other parts of our service that you think could be improved upon? Our team is working hard to give you the best product possible, so please let us know what you think! And as always if you need any help our support team is standing by to take your questions!

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