10 best Chrome extensions for digital marketers

Everybody has their favorite tools of the trade, chosen because it makes their jobs easier. Here are our favorite Chrome extensions for digital marketers.

More of a Mozilla Firefox fanatic? Don’t worry, we’ll be posting our favorite marketing extensions for Firefox soon. In the meantime, check out our write-up on Firefox Developer Edition!

Chrome Marketing Extensions

  1. Tag Assistant (by Google)
    Do you work with Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics, or Google Adwords? The Tag Assistant extension will help you determine whether the scripts and code associated with these services is running smoothly on your website.
  2. timeStats
    Digital marketers spend a lot of time online. The timeStats extension for Chrome helps you determine what pages you’re visiting the most, and keep track of your browsing statistics.
  3. Open SEO Stats
    Open SEO Stats compiles data provided by Google, Alexa, Bing, Yahoo, and others to give you a rough estimate of how any given website is performing in terms of SEO, traffic, links, etc. Like the concept of SEO itself, this tool’s output should be taken with a grain of salt.
  4. Redirect Path
    The Redirect Path extension for Chrome tells you when a page has been redirected from another location, and what type of redirect was used. It can spot 301, 302, 404, and 500 HTTP status codes.
  5. Majestic Backlink Analyzer
    If you want to see how strong a webpage’s backlinks are, this is the extension for you! If you don’t…well then, move along?
  6. Wappalyzer
    Wappalyzer is a unique tool that scans the webpage that you are on, and outputs a list of technologies and software used to present that page. It can spot what type of analytics, CMS, programming language, framework, etc. are being used.
  7. StayFocusd
    Do you have a hard time staying focused while working on your digital marketing tasks? You’re not the only one. With StayFocusd you can pick and choose whether you would like to block particular websites or only allow access to a single website for any amount of time.
  8. MockFlow
    Mockflow empowers you to whip up a quick wireframe mockup of a website or a piece of software, from directly inside of Chrome. This could be especially useful for quickly creating sketches of landing pages, etc.
  9. User-Agent Switcher for Chrome
    Want to test out how a website will roughly appear on a different browser or device? The User-Agent Switcher for Chrome makes it super easy to spoof these devices and test your code.
  10. Trello
    This Chrome extension is less of an application and more of a link, but hold your horses! We promise the exception is worth it.Trello is a free project management tool that enables you to create lists, cards, and boards to help you organize your life, work, and play. We loved this tool so much that now the whole Uptrends team uses it!

Did we miss your favorite Chrome Marketing Tool?

Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @UptrendsMonitor with your favorite Google Chrome extension. If we like it we’ll write about it in an upcoming post!

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