Introducing: Error Sounds

We have released Uptrends update 4.0.45, which makes it possible to receive audible alerts for confirmed/unconfirmed errors.

What is an audible alert?

An audible alert is when you receive an alert sound via your browser when aconfirmed or unconfirmed error occurs.

The use of this feature is optional, and can be configured by visiting the tile settings for the ‘Probe Group Details’ tile. This tile is the first you will see when you access the ‘Account Overview Dashboard.’

It is also possible to set up audible alerts on your custom dashboards.

How does the audible alert functionality work?

When this option is enabled, an alert sound will be played when the error situation changes status from “All probes are green” to “at least one probe has an unconfirmed or confirmed error.” (This depends on the specific settings that you choose within the tile.) The sound will play once, until all probes display a healthy status once again.

Have any questions?

Our technical support team is ready to assist you with setting up ‘Audible Alerts’, discussing ‘PDF invoicing,’ or any other questions that you may have. Simply file a support ticket, explain your question/issue, and we’ll get right back to you!

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