Uptrends becomes part of the ITRS Group

We have some important news to report: Uptrends becomes part of the ITRS Group in a transaction to acquire 100% of the company.

ITRS Group has been established since 1997 and provides market-leading real-time monitoring and analytics for financial services ensuring operational resilience for the always-on enterprise. ITRS Group help their clients at each juncture in their digital transformation journey by establishing, maintaining, and monitoring operational resilience to prevent outages and maximize efficiency. ITRS Group is a trusted partner to provide peace of mind for supporting the always-on enterprise. Headquartered in London, ITRS Group has offices in New York, Tulsa, Gothenburg, Stockholm, Hong Kong, Singapore, Manila, Malaga, and Edinburgh, employing a team of over 230.

What changes for you?

Nothing: Uptrends will remain an independent brand. We will continue to work on our own product line in all areas, and Niels Brinkman (CEO) will continue to lead Uptrends as a company.

We are enthusiastic about the opportunities we will have in terms of development and growth thanks to this acquisition, and we will continue to focus on developing our own products for you.

By becoming part of the ITRS Group, we can take advantage of scope and scale, get more knowledge on board, and gain access to a broader set of products. ITRS is developing a tool for online (server) capacity planning that uses machine learning to predict capacity problems. They are also working on a large data storage and analytics engine, as well as running their own network monitoring product OP5 (based on Nagios) and an APM product. ITRS sees the Uptrends product as an important addition to what they already offer.

Guy Warren, CEO at ITRS, said: “With a combined experience of almost four decades, Uptrends has huge strength in synthetic and real user monitoring, while ITRS is serving some of the most demanding requirements of enterprise clients. This acquisition creates an opportunity to leverage expertise and offerings to benefit our customers. ITRS and Uptrends will continue to independently focus on their respective core markets while adding value to customers in areas such as capacity planning, network monitoring, log analysis, and big data storage and analytics. This allows us to leverage our investment in R&D across a larger market and customer base.”

Niels Brinkman, Uptrends CEO, added, “We are very excited to become part of the ITRS family and see this as a logical next step for continuing the growth of Uptrends.”