Your last blog post

The past five years, the Uptrends blog has been passionately grown and filled with educational content by our Content Strategist, Michael Dean-Andrews. Last week, we received the unbelievable news that Michael passed away after having contracted the Covid-19 virus late January.

Michael had an almost untamable drive to thoroughly dig into any topic he was going to write about, and the talent to convey his message to his readers in an intelligible way. As the years grew by, Michael became one of our most knowledgeable product experts because of this.

Michael was the voice of our company in many ways. He didn’t only write for our blog, but helped lay the foundation for the majority of our marketing content and support documentation, shaped our tone-of-voice, developed video concepts and scripts, and when we wrote you – our customers – an email, Michael was our spokes person.

Many of us would agree that Michael was one of the most sincere and caring persons in our company.

Through this way, your platform the past years, we want to thank you for everything. This is your last blog post, but your immense kindness, humor, laugh, and compassion will not be forgotten.