Working from home? So are we, Uptrends style.

The shelter-in-place requirements around the world due to COVID-19 have prevented us from getting out much, but it has also opened views into a world we probably wouldn’t see otherwise. Not only do we get glimpses into celebrity homes as we watch the news, late-night talk shows, and concerts, we get to see into the lives and homes of the people we used to see in the office every day.

We used to sit across from each other in conference rooms, or we saw a typical office setup when teleconferencing. Now, with everyone working from home, we see life going on in the background. We see children playing, dogs and cats begging for attention, and spouses leaning in for a quick “Hello.” Basically, we see our coworker’s lives happening in real-time.

What we can’t see through the lens of their webcam is how they’ve adapted their “office” setup to fit into their homes and lives. Recently, Uptrends’ team members began sharing their workspace photos on our “Random” Slack channel, and we thought it would be fun to share them with you.

A space for developers

One of our lead developers started the ball rolling with this workspace snapshot. The desktop looks pretty much how you would expect a developer’s desk to look: methodically structured and tidy. However, there are a few surprises such as the cat figurines (including a 3-D printed robotic kitty!), the sailboat, and the sound equipment for hooking up an electric guitar and microphones. Do we have an Uptrends development team concert in the works? Maybe.

One of our other development leads has a nook sandwiched between storage units filled with what looks like games and craft supplies. Although this space has to pull double duty, you can see their attention to organization. This developer knows how to make it work.

One of our other developers shared this photo of their third-floor office space. Besides the cherished mug and photo, this developer also has a stargazing hobby, and as you know, at Uptrends, we love outer-space themes.

Coming from another Uptrends developer, we have what they described as “a work in progress.” Standing desks are all the rage, but we have to wonder if the developer doesn’t drag the cat tower over to sit down and take a break from standing.

Some developers like to take minimalism to the extreme. A table, a cart, and an amazing rendering of a stag dominate this space, but would you look at that chair! That must be the most comfortable gaming chair ever. With this chair, they can take coding—or napping—to a new level.

This developer has made a nice space for themselves: ocean view (sort of), amazing monitor, and the ever-ready yet essential Dr. Pepper for those late-night coding sessions.

Keeping with the music theme, this developer’s guitar and keyboard would make an interesting addition to our Uptrends band. Based on the children’s books under the desk, we think this desk may double as a fort by night.


This third-floor space offers a wonderful view of the neighborhood from its oversized dormer. Obviously a space in transition, it already looks like a great place to work.

The support desk

Our support team spends their days fixing your issues and answering your monitoring questions. The team is always ready for your calls, emails, and support tickets. Let’s take a look at what the coronavirus era support desk looks like. You might notice the desk phones, something most of our other departments’ members don’t have nor need.

Our support lead started work on this space about the time the work-from-home orders came into effect. The pièce de résistance is the mural of Star Trek Discovery’s Enterprise. This space is truly support command central.

This support hero may visit you in the future. The team member keeps the tools of the trade handy, but they also keep a DeLorean and Back to the Future action figure at the ready too. I wonder if they have a hoverboard tucked under their desk?

Ahh. Spring in the Netherlands. A moment of Zen from the hectic day of a support engineer.

This support hero’s desk looks like it belongs in the bat-cave. Sleek, glass-top, light-effects mouse, and that ever-present support desk phone, or is that the bat phone?


Operations is about keeping things up and running. With the toolbox tucked neatly under the desk, a classic keyboard, and a makeshift mouse pad, this IT professional is ready. Hmm, nice guitar. Will Operations join Development in putting on the show?

Monitoring consultants

Our monitoring consultants work to make sure you have the right plan and the tools you need to protect your websites, APIs, and servers. Their desks always seem to have a flurry of activity happening around them. Dust doesn’t have the time to settle, as you can see on this senior consultant’s desk.

Did we mention bat-cave before? This monitoring consultant has nested into their home workspace—everything you might need just an arms-length away.

Another monitoring consultant keeps a tidy space. However, the mouse pad may grab your attention; it’s a slice of toast! When asked why a slice of toast, they said it reminds them of a simpler time. What a great sentiment found in a mouse pad.

Marketing eclecticism

Marketing teams tend to have a mix of technical and creative people. Like the proverbial box of chocolates, you never know what you’re going to get.

We think Mr. Clean might work here. Our web designer doesn’t care much for clutter, but they must secretly dream of working in our Boca Raton office considering the tropical wallpaper.

Following the web designer with the minimalism theme, our videographer and web designer maintains a sleek polished workspace with just a few personal mementos nearby.

This dedicated office space has a minimalist design, but with a twist. You have to wonder, is this a workspace or man-cave? This online marketer has a passion for video games and superheroes—nothing like Mortal Combat to relieve the stress of the day.

Sometimes you end up in the catch-all space, with a tiny desk, and a dining room chair slid between a family heirloom and a fish tank. Whatever it takes to get through a pandemic.


Apart, but together

In our shared offices, our teams are vibrant and busy. Team members enjoy lunches together followed by billiards, air hockey, and foosball tournaments in the Uptrends game room. Our teams always have meshed and enjoyed working and playing together. Now that we are all home in our individual spaces, our shared experience continues with virtual happy hours and games held over video conferencing channels. Although we miss the direct shared experience in the office, we still grow as a team.

From all of us at Uptrends, we wish you the very best through this challenging time. Remember, our teams are still working to bring you the very best monitoring experience. Thanks for joining us, and good health.