How well did the ‘Yahoo Screen’ website perform for the ‘Community’ premiere?

Everybody is talking about the return of fan-favorite sitcom ‘Community,’ and its new home on Yahoo Screen. But how has the Yahoo Screen website performed under the pressure?

Note: This post is filled with references to ‘Community.’ If you haven’t watched this show before, we highly suggest checking it out on Hulu, Yahoo Screen, or whatever service you prefer!

Yahoo hasn’t “Britta’ed” yet

We have been monitoring the uptime and performance status of the Yahoo Screen website since shortly after its premiere of the sixth season of ‘Community,’ and so far it seems to be going well. (And yes, we’re Dean serious!)

The website has maintained an impressive 100% uptime record, with no confirmed errors from our 38 current North American website monitoring checkpoints over the course of a week.

In other words, the Yahoo Screen website uptime performance has been very un-Greendale-like. (And we’re sure their web team is thrilled!)

That being said, we did notice some spikes in website performance during the course of the week, using the Uptrends Full Page Check + probe type, that bears mentioning.

Performance grades are in

A while back we posted a website performance infographic that suggested that the time it takes a webpage to load could greatly affect whether or not a user stays on the page, or goes elsewhere.

On average a user expects a website to load within 2 seconds, and will leave if it doesn’t load within 3. 80% of users that have a bad experience (which as a side note could be related to non-performance issues) will likely not return to that website.

According to the data we gathered, Yahoo Screen’s website is averaging 4.64 seconds for everything on the page to load. While this is not a slow time by any means, it does suggest that the website may be losing some of its audience due to performance. And website performance is all about expectations.

After examining the Full Page Check + waterfall report, it appears that some of the slowdown may in fact be caused by third-party scripts pulling from off-page. With only 11 out of 62 elements registering as a non-first party element, it seems as though there may be some room for improvement on this front.

Advanced Introduction to Website Monitoring

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