10 things you ought to know about Website Monitoring

Website monitoring can do more than tell you if your website is up or down.

If your website is down, a lot of things can happen – especially if you are not aware that your website is experiencing a problem. You could be missing out on valuable clicks, conversions, and revenue, not to mention the fact that you may be souring your online reputation.

While ensuring a website’s uptime and performance is crucial to any good website administrator’s mission, you’re only human. Staying awake 24/7 to monitor your website is impossible, and it isn’t cost-effective to have a staff member on-duty simply to monitor your website uptime and performance.

So what is a website administrator to do?

Website Monitoring is an efficient, cost-effective way to maximize website uptime and performance

When you monitor your website using theUptrends Website Monitoring service, you always know when your website is up and performing optimally – no matter where you are, or what time it is.

If your website goes down, Uptrends alerts you via SMS, and e-mail so that you can log in, view your data, perform an advanced root-cause analysis, and rectify the problem.

Sound too good to be true?

We’ve created a list of 10 things you ought to know about Uptrends Website Monitoring:

  1. Your website is not bullet-proof, but website monitoring is a bullet-proof vest

    Sometimes despite your best efforts, your website will fail. Whether it was due to code, hardware, or network failure, it happens. What is important is that you know when it happens so you can do something about it.

    Which brings us to…

  2. Alerts are your new best friend

    Being caught with your site down is a terrible feeling – especially if your customers notice first. You can receive SMS, and e-mails notifying you of outages and problems as they happen, so that you can do what it takes to fix the issue.

    Need to have multiple users on-board with your website monitoring, complete with escalation levels and maintenance times? No problem. Uptrends Website Monitoring has you covered!

  3. Websites don’t always age gracefully

    If you monitor your website, you can spot downtime and performance trends over time. This could potentially help you spot inefficient code, bloated files, damaged hardware, or any number of things.

  4. Your pen-pal won’t let you know about downtime quick enough

    Do you know if your site is up on the other side of the world? While your pen-pal might, he won’t be able to send you a message quickly enough for you to act.

    You know who will?

    A website monitoring service with more than 130+ global checkpoints keeping track of your uptime.

  5. Uptime guarantees are near-useless if your website is popular

    A lot of web hosting providers offer uptime guarantees. But if your website suddenly receives a spike in traffic, it may be unable to handle the weight. If your site ever goes down and you aren’t watching, you’ll have no recourse without physical evidence of downtime.

    Uptrends can perform SLA monitoring (service level agreement monitoring) and give you the proof you need if your web hosting provider is dropping the ball.

  6. Provide yourself with the data you need to succeed

    Uptime means everything to an online business, so it can be really handy to have physical evidence that your website is up and performing optimally across any period of time.

  7. Website monitoring is chump change compared to downtime losses

    A slow or unavailable website can severely impact business – after all, your customers can’t make a purchase if they can’t reach you or if a page doesn’t load properly.

    If you operate an online store, Uptrends offers website transaction monitoring, so you know if any step of the transaction process is failing at any given time.

  8. Downtime sleuths love data reports

    When you monitor your website, you can perform advanced root-cause analysis. You have the tools you need to pinpoint what went wrong and where so that you can fix any issue.

  9. Your command center can travel with you

    Receiving SMS and e-mail alerts are great, but with a website monitoring mobile app, you can receive push notifications, access your account settings, and view your uptime status. You are always “in the know.”

  10. It’s easy to monitor your website and get started

    All it takes are a few simple clicks. Why not sign up for a free trial today?

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