2018 Main Top 50, and we are number six!

We are headed to the top! We’ve risen another three rankings to number six for the 2018 Main Software 50 awards. The Main Software Top 50 list is an award handed out to Dutch software companies by the investment firm of Main Capital Partners. Each year Main Capital picks the 50 best companies, and Uptrends has continued to climb in the rankings. 

How the Main Top 50 works

Each year the partners rank each company based on their revenue (in and out of Europe), growth, and SaaS revenue. For the last six years, Main Capital Partners have published their Main 50 list to celebrate the Dutch technology industry.

We were proud to appear on the list in 2014 at number 24 with the honor of being named “Cloud Champion,” and our hard work has paid off as we climb in the rankings against some strong competitors. We are honored to be on the list with so many other great Dutch companies, and we offer our congratulations to OBI4wan for placing first this year.

2018: a quick review

It is our goal to provide the best service and product money can buy for monitoring websites, APIs, web applications, for uptime, performance, and function. We are committed to you, our users, to continue to produce the tools that help you take your business to the top. Over the last year we have:

  • Introduced new products
    Multi-step API allows companies to conduct performance, availability, and functional tests on complex API interactions.
    Private Checkpoints let companies bring the power of Uptrends monitoring to their own networks to monitor websites, APIs, acceptance and other preproduction environments.
  • New home office
    We outgrew our headquarters in the Netherlands, so we relocated to accommodate our growing staff better.
  • New team members
    We’ve expanded our teams and departments to better serve our customers. We see a lot of new functionality and enhancements coming to the Uptrends product, so we continue to add new team members. Would you like to join us? Visit our Careers page. We also have offices in France, Germany, and the United States.
  • Continued growth
    We don’t have the numbers for the fourth quarter yet, but the three previous quarters saw 26-, 24-, and 40-percent growth!

In closing

Again we wish to thank you all for helping us to achieve our goals as we help you to achieve yours. Thank you to the Main Capital Partners for including us in your prestigious list!

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