Chrome 57 released, and we’ve updated our checkpoints!

Just five weeks after the release of version 56, Google dropped Chrome 57, and our development team is updating our 165 checkpoints! When it comes to real browser monitoring, staying current with browser versions is important. Therefore, when Google released Chrome 57, our systems engineers went to work installing and testing the browser version to make sure that you’re monitoring your website with the latest and greatest! Chrome 57 added many new features, enhancements, and functionality.

What’s new in Chrome 57?

Chrome 57 brings your development and design team many new powerful additions.

  • CSS Grid support makes page layout more flexible and allows for complex page design in two dimensions.
  • New Media Session API allows for the display of custom metadata and access to platform media keys for an enhanced user experience.
  • Payment Request API changes. If you’re using the Payment Request API, you will want to note these changes. Although the API still supports your current functionality, eventually you will need to update your code. Google recommends that you add a shim to prevent future changes from breaking your code.
  • New caret-color property. With the caret-color property, you can specify the color of the text input caret.
  • New redirect detection. Using a Boolean value, the new Response property lets you know about a redirect occurring on your page.
  • Support for padStart and padEnd. Now you can control the exact length of any string!

What browser version do we use for your Full Page Check and Web Application Monitors?

The roll out of a new browser version takes time and happens over several days. You can see what browser and version Uptrends used to perform your check in the Check details section of your Full Page Check‘s and Web Application monitor’s reports. You can simulate other browsers and versions by changing the user agent on your monitor, but remember that Uptrends loads the returned content into the native browser running on the checkpoint.

Check Detail showing the current browser running on the checkpoint

Each new browser release brings new functionality and possibilities, but if you have concerns about the recent update, please reach out to our support team and let us know.

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