Fourth quarter and 2017 in review

We’ve really enjoyed serving you and helping you to make the Internet a better place in 2017. Thanks to all of you we experienced upward growth all year with fourth quarter 2017 completing at 13% over fourth quarter 2016. 2017 saw over 20% growth, new products, and product enhancements.

Fourth Quarter 2017

Fourth quarter just rushed by in a swirl of holidays and lots of new things happening at Uptrends. Between holiday parties we managed to see 13% growth over the same quarter in 2016. We introduced Multi-step API Monitoring in beta, Uptrends Free, and we added a new Statushub integration (read on for more about these).

2017 in review

What a great year! We’ve seen so many incredible changes at Uptrends, and we are excited about all of them. Let’s take a look back (insert harp music here).


We’ve been busting at the seams this year in so many areas. Of course the big one is revenue where we finished out 2017 at nearly 21% higher than 2016. So what does that mean for Uptrends? Well it means we saw:

21% more customers – We’ve welcomed so many new customers including:

  • Volkswagen
  • University of Oklahoma
  • Sandvik
  • University of Queensland
  • Remy Cointreau
  • Conrad
  • Carglass
  • SriLankan Airlines

35% more checks – Our monitoring checkpoints completed a third more tests than 2016. That’s a lot of checks!

17% more support tickets – That’s 17% more customers received help and found solutions that work for them!

8 new Checkpoints – With each new checkpoint we put your monitoring closer and closer to your users’ locations meaning that you get a more granular look at how your site or services work for all!

New products, features, and enhancements

We just keep spinning off new products and improving the ones we already had. In 2017 we saw the introduction of:

Real User Monitoring – Uptrends stepped beyond the boundaries of Synthetic Monitoring and brought you Real User Monitoring. Real User Monitoring allows you to see how your actual users experience your site based on their location, device, operating system, browser, and page view. You get real user data in real time.

Multi-step API monitoring – We’ve had Webservice HTTP/HTTPS Monitoring for a long time. Webservice HTTP/HTTPS monitors allow you to check a single API response for uptime and performance, but now we’ve taken API Monitoring further with Multi-step. With Multi-step API Monitoring, you can test entire user scenarios that require authentication, retaining and reuse of values from one API call to the next, make assertions, and monitor performance on each API call. Multi-step API is currently in the final stages of beta testing.

Uptrends Free – Yes, it’s a free version of our popular synthetic Website Uptime Monitoring product. Uptrends Free lets you monitor one URL for uptime forever (with regular logins) at no cost.

Enhancements – We went a little nuts during second quarter 2017, and we cranked out lots of UI enhancements to improve reporting and error analysis. We added more interactivity to our charts, made check details easier to share, improved error code descriptions, and so much more!

Statushub Integration – We love integrating Uptrends with other tools you use every day. This past year we added a Statushub integration to help make things just a little easier, now Uptrends can escalate alerts directly to Statushub!


Uptrends celebrated ten years of website monitoring in 2017 (and we did celebrate)! We had a month-long celebration that included honoring our founders and the popping of some Champagne. And for those customers that participated, we shipped out some cool t-shirts.

Uptrends also made the Main Software Top 50 2017 list that honors Dutch companies that show continued growth and excellence. We climbed from 18th place in 2016 to ninth in 2017!


Trade shows and conferences are always part of every business, and Uptrends isn’t any different. This year we sent our staff to Internet World E-Commerce in Munich and the IRCE Chicago. They had a great time meeting new people and connecting with existing customers. We look forward to more trade shows in 2018.


We really enjoyed this past year, and we look forward to an even more successful 2018. We’ve been building up our development and support teams so that we can continue our upward growth and our commitment to excellence for you. Thank you all for an amazing year.

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