How we take care of retired servers at Uptrends

This Friday we got a special visit at Uptrends Headquarters: a mobile shredding service professionally destroyed 30 old servers (with a total weight of 680 kgs) and 207 hard disks (with a total weight of 200 kgs).

These old web and database servers all have been replaced by newer, faster, and more powerful machines.

The company came to our office and provided the service on location, making the process fairly quick and easy. They came with a large truck that housed the shredding machine inside. It only took approximately 90 minutes to reduce nearly 1,000 kg (over 2,000 pounds) of metal, plastic, and sensitive data into shredded 6 by 6 millimeter bits. This allowed us to safely recycle our equipment in an eco friendly way and still offer maximum data security for our customers.

Here’s a quick glance at how the process went.

We started with collecting all the retired servers and hard disks



All material is being labeled and scanned


And then… Dinner’s ready!


The machine shreds everything into pieces of 6 by 6 millimeters

6 7

Shredding your drives into tiny pieces is the most effective and sure way to destroy data, and it was the only option we felt appropriate to best protect our customer’s data. Not only is the shredding process great for protecting information, but the pieces are then recycled as scrap metal and reused later.

How do you take care of your deprecated servers or hard disks? Let us know in the comments!

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