How “heavy weighted” are the top eCommerce websites?

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Running an eCommerce website is a 24/7 job. Slow performance can hinder sales and success, so website designers always need to find a careful balance between beautiful layout and fast load times. We looked at the top 25 websites for shopping around the web and set up a series of Full Page Check monitors on each one.

We looked at the total “weight” of the website (how much data was detected on the homepage), how many elements were detected on the page, and how the website performed compared to those numbers. Check out the data for yourself below!

Which websites “weighed” the most?

Website Weight  Elements  Performance
Amazon 5,150.80 KB 128 2.32 seconds
Kohl’s 4,060.10 KB 295 4.32 seconds
Staples 3,799.70 KB 398 10.81 seconds
Gap 3,955.40 KB 324 7.30 seconds
Overstock 3,673.70 KB 181 3.92 seconds

Which websites had to load the most number of individual elements?

Website Elements Weight  Performance
Staples 398 3,799.70 KB 10.81 seconds
Gap 324 3,955.40 KB 7.30 seconds
Newegg 296 2,500.60 KB 4.76 seconds
Kohl’s 295 4,060.10 KB 4.32 seconds
Ticketmaster 233 2,485.60 KB 1.59 seconds

Finally, which websites had the best performance?

Website Performance  Weight  Elements
Ticketmaster 1.59 seconds 2,485.60 KB 233
Steam 1.60 seconds 1,777.50 KB 87
Costco 1.92 seconds 2,011.90 KB 126
Ikea 2.21 seconds 2,444.80 KB 104
Amazon 2.32 seconds 5,150.80 KB 128

eCommerce Performance

The “lightest” websites we monitored were Target (1,073.80 KB), Etsy (803.40 KB), and Groupon (682.10) KB.

The only website to rank in the top 5 for both heaviest weight as well as fastest performance is Amazon, with the homepage registering 5,150.80 KB but still maintaining an average load speed of 2.32 seconds. By contrast, Staples has the most number of elements at 398 but one of the slowest performance speeds at 10.81 seconds.

These websites were monitored over a 24 hour period on 4/26/2016. We used the Uptrends Full Page Check monitor, generating a detailed waterfall chart to break down each individual element of the website. Interested in monitoring your own website performance? You can try us out today with our 30 day free trial!

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