Meet Uptrends: Super Accountant, Julie Aretusi

Behind every great company, you’ll find some equally great administrative support staff. The administrative staff provides the backbone that allows the other departments to flourish. At Uptrends our administrative staff wears many hats, so in our eyes, they are superstars! So, without any further ado, in this eddition of Meet Uptrends, we talk with Julie Aretusi, Senior Accountant located in our Boston Office.

When you hear the term “bubbly,” “uplifting,” or “inspiring,” if you have met Julie, you know that those are only some of the words to describe her. Her smile and laughter are infectious. Julie joined the Uptrends team in September of 2015. Although Julie spends her days crunching numbers, managing finances, payroll, and other human resource activities, Julie is hardly the stereotype of the introverted accountant. Besides being one of the brightest crayons in our box, Julie brings joy and passion to everything she does.

A passion for education

Julie grew up with two older sisters in Massachusetts, where she attended private Catholic schools. The Catholic schools, although they didn’t offer much in the way of athletics, because of their smaller size and their focus on education and learning, were second to none. Julie graduated high school as valedictorian. From valedictorian, Julie went on to graduate first in her class with a BS in Business Administration and Accounting at the University of Massachusetts Lowell. We told you she is sharp!

A passion for life

Although the Massachusetts’ weather can be brutal, Julie enjoys experiencing the changes of season. When the weather cooperates, she loves to get outdoors to run.

I try to get out and run two to three miles every couple of days. I enjoy exercise, and it is important to me, so I make time for exercise several times a week.

Julie applies the mantra, “If you strive for perfection you end up with excellence” to every aspect of her professional and personal life. She tries to instill these same values into her two children Chloe and Ethan.

Chloe is eight, and she has captured much of her mother’s enthusiasm for competition. Julie describes Chloe as “Sassy,” meaning she is strong and independent. Chloe is striving to be the best gymnast that she can be, and she recently reported that she not only did more pushups (51) than the other girls in her class, but she also beat the boys!

Ethan is six and already knows all of the professional football teams, their cities, and the players. He will gladly argue with you about the best players, and he knows their stats to back up his claims. When he isn’t studying football, Ethan takes on the soccer field with just as much enthusiasm as his sister when it comes to gymnastics.

Between her professional career, dedication to exercise, and her passion for leading her children’s activities, Julie doesn’t have much time for other activities. Given the time, Julie tells us she would love to read and travel more. Julie said, “I love to get out and explore other cultures and expose myself to new ideas.”

We at Uptrends are pleased to have Julie working behind the scenes. Julie supplies part of the foundation that makes it all work, and we look forward to a future of perfect excellence with Julie supporting us.

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