Here’s 2016 by numbers

2016 has closed, and it was a fantastic year for Uptrends with a whopping 22% growth in revenue. The numbers say it all.  Let’s take a look.


It’s getting crowded up in here!

Where there is a crowd, there is action. We increased staff by 38%, and we added a new office in sunny Boca Raton, Florida. Boca Raton makes the 5th Uptrends location. Uptrends now has offices in four countries: The Netherlands, Germany, France, and two offices in the US. To support our diverse customer base, we now have websites in Dutch, German, French, and English.

We attended trade fairs and events in the USA, Germany, France and The Netherlands, and we welcomed many new, wonderful customers to the party. Our growing customer base led to the need for more support.

Our support team handled 25% more support tickets. To assist customers further, we expanded our Knowledge Base and the Uptrends Academy to include more in-depth information and to answer some of the more common questions. We also made maintaining your subscription options easier by adding the option for monthly and annual automatic payments.

In total last year, Uptrends issued 4.8 billion checks. Out of those 4.8 billion checks from our 162 (and growing) checkpoints, Uptrends issued 15 million alerts. That’s a lot of brand reputations and revenue saved!

Uptrends just keeps getting better

Our dev team worked hard, with many new releases of Uptrends and Uptrends Infra. We added a variety of new features, a few highlights are:

But that isn’t all that we’ve been up to; we expect to present Real User Monitoring (RUM) for release in 2017. Stay tuned for other cool things coming in 2017!

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