Meet Uptrends: Monitoring consultant, Ralf Nahnsen

At Uptrends, we love our small family of coworkers, and we think you will too. We use the Meet Uptrends blog posts to introduce you to different team members throughout the year. This month, we would like you to meet Ralf Nahnsen.

Ralf is Uptrends’ Monitoring Consultant for Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, and he works out of our Düsseldorf, Germany office. Ralf joined our team over six years ago with an extensive background in computing technology. Ralf brings more than just technological expertise with him, for we can honestly say that Ralf is one of the nicest people you may ever meet. Yes, we know that sounds like a cliché, but if you have ever had the chance to speak with Ralf, we think you will agree that Ralf is one of those rare individuals that can make anyone feel at ease with his attentive listening, witty anecdotes, quick smile, and laugh. So let’s meet Ralf.


Ralf is a native of Düsseldorf where he grew up and attended school. At age 18, Ralf served in the military.

The military taught me discipline and communication skills. It gave me the will to work hard, and it made me eager to achieve.”

Having dabbled in computers since his childhood, Ralf naturally gravitated to technology after serving his time in the military. Ralf went on to work for technology companies such as Belkin and Epson where his military discipline and work ethic really paid off for him as he introduced those brands to the German market. Ralf likes the challenges of expanding a brand into a new market.  He enjoys starting from scratch when accepting the marketing challenges.

That’s what I like. I like to work through the start of something. It gives me the freedom to do things just how I think they should be done.”

Ralf successfully helped launch Belkin and Epson into Germany, and he has done the same for Uptrends over the last six years.

Personal life

Ralf loves getting to know new people, and his genuine interest in others leads him away from talking much about himself, but we did manage to learn a few things about Ralf’s personal life during the interview for this blog post. Ralf enjoys athletics and going to the gym, and he starts off each morning with a 1/2 hour jog. He draws a lot of inspiration from the SEALFIT videos that he watches on YouTube.

The training is really brutal, but it is about having the right mindset or right attitude. By building physical strength, you can also build mental strength. It really made sense to me, so even though morning isn’t my best time, I was inspired, and I started jogging in the mornings.”

Ralf jogs near his home that he shares with his wife and two sons aged 11 and 16. Ralf is obviously a positive role model to his boys who also enjoy athletics. The boys have participated in football (soccer) and handball in the past, and are currently exploring other sports.

Ralf loves Düsseldorf and the Rhine River that winds through the city, but he also enjoys getting out of the city and communing with nature. Ralf and his family get out of town as often as they can using their caravan (camping trailer).

I love camping. We like to go with the caravan down to the South of France and Croatia, anywhere where it is warm and nice. In the fall, we like to visit the Alps in Austria. Switzerland, Austria, and the German Alps, it is all really beautiful.”

Have you met Ralf?

If you are an Uptrends account holder from the German speaking countries, you probably have worked with Ralf to get your monitoring needs met. Having met Ralf, we are sure you are already aware of what a nice and helpful person he is. We hope you will feel inclined to share your good experience with others needing monitoring service, and if you have issues, you know exactly whom to contact, Ralf. You can also setup a live demo with Ralf through our new demo scheduling portal.


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