Q3 results: Revenue up 40%!

Where does the time go? The third quarter has flown by, but that doesn’t mean we’ve been resting on our laurels. Maybe it was because we were so busy or having too much fun, but we killed Q3 2017 by 40%! Let’s take a closer look at Q3 2018.

New Uptrends customers

We love helping our customers make a better Internet for all, and we’ve added quite a few new customers in Q3. Maybe you’ve heard of a few of these:

  • Amway
  • Atlas Elektronik GmbH
  • Bundesinstitut für Arzneimittel und Medizinprodukte (Federal Institute for Drugs and Medical Devices, Germany)
  • Essent (Dutch Energy company)
  • GoDaddy
  • Interflora (Subsidiary of FTD)
  • Philip Morris Limited
  • VVV Cadeau Bonnen (VVV Gift Cards)

New features and solutions

As always, our development team continues to produce exciting new features and solutions.

Private Checkpoints

Now you can get the power of Uptrends external monitoring internally on your network with Private Checkpoints. Use the same great monitoring tools you use to monitor your public facing web assets on your web-enabled infrastructure. We install our software on four virtual machines on your hardware that you can use to monitor:

  • Acceptance and preproduction environments
  • Intranet
  • Internal apps and APIs
  • Cloud solutions your company relies on

You provide and maintain the hardware, and we provide and maintain the software for the four virtual machines. Learn more.

Audit Logs

If you have large teams or have a lot of monitors, it is important to know what actions your team is taking within your Uptrends account. Now administrators for Premium, Professional, Business, and Enterprise accounts have access to Audit Logs. You will know who logged in, what monitors or alert definitions they modified, and the values or options they changed. Our developers are always adding more user activities to the audit log, so keep an eye on the Change Log to see what audit log additions they make. Access the Audit Log on the Account menu.

Audit log

Improved onboarding

Our Development team has added interactive screens to help new customers get up and running quickly with Uptrends. Uptrends will now welcome new customers with additional instruction for selecting monitors and setting up their accounts. They can quickly jump to the Academy, Tasks, or just get busy directly with the tool.

New Customer welcome screen

The new monitor selection tool helps you pick the right monitor type for the job. You can select the monitor type directly from the description or find out more with links to our Knowledge Base for the monitor type.

Monitor Type Selection assistance

We also added Tasks. Tasks walk the new account admins through the common activities needed to complete a comprehensive monitoring plan such as adding monitors, setting up alerts, adding dashboards, and adding operators. New account holders will find Tasks on the Account menu.

Tasks dialog

Uptrends API additions

We continue to build out the fourth version of our API. In Q3 we added Maintenance periods API to allow you to automate the process of creating, updating, and deleting maintenance periods for individual monitors. You can also add maintenance periods for all monitors.

New checkpoint location

Besides gaining some Breaking Bad cred, we’ve added a new checkpoint in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The new checkpoint took us to a count of 185 worldwide and 42 US checkpoint locations.

Closing thoughts

We love what we do at Uptrends, and we thank all our customers for making it possible for us to continue doing what we love. Through your input and the vision of our creative leaders, Uptrends continues to evolve and get better with each new quarter. We’ve got some great new things coming up in the fourth quarter, so stay tuned.


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