Website optimization for the holiday season:
Is your website ready?

Join Uptrends’ resident website monitoring guru and Executive Vice President, Fred Dilkes for an informative, free webinar to make sure you’re ready for the high traffic the holiday season brings to your website.

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Date: Thursday, November 3, 2016
Time: 9 AM Eastern (6 AM Pacific) or 4 PM Eastern (1 PM Pacific)


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You may think you’re ready, but how do you know?

For current and future Uptrends users, in this webinar, Fred will lead a conversation about a proactive approach to website and mobile monitoring for the holiday season.Topics include:

  • Third-party content monitoring: Is your third party content losing customers and sales?
  • Peace of mind with instant alerts: Is your team getting the message?
  • Native multi-browser monitoring: How well does your site work in different browser types and their versions?
  • Mobile monitoring: Is your site up to par no matter what device your visitors use?
  • Waterfall reports: Are you getting the most out of your reports?

Fred will demonstrate how external multi-browser monitoring and mobile monitoring can ensure your customers have the best shopping experience this holiday season. Bring your questions, and learn how you can get the most out of your external site monitoring.

Also, all attendees will receive valuable exclusive information and tips and tricks on how to improve your website!

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