Why watching your website is important

How do you stay one step ahead of your competitors? In today’s ultra-competitive world with globalization of business, it is increasingly important to make sure you are using every angle to remain on top. 99% of the time, your company’s first interaction with a prospect or customer is your online presence. What does your website say about your business? How do you know?

Successful companies are always adapting better than their competitors. Visitors to your web presence are trying to communicate with you every time they visit your site. Every time they abandon your site, every slow rendering page, every login form not filled out, every conversion not made, and every click on your site not registered is business that you are losing. Do you really care or know about your company’s image and reputation online? Someone is forming a first impression of your company online right now. Someone is comparing you to your competitors online right now.

Know what your visitors experience

It is crucial that you understand the health and effectiveness of your websites and online applications so that you can remain competitive in your market. You need to monitor the websites that affect your business so that you can remain ahead of your competition. Your websites have many moving parts that need to be continuously monitored, can you afford to risk your success by not knowing your visitors’ experience on your site?

There are many ways to monitor your website, but one of the most ignored methods is external website monitoring. Most businesses rely on internal monitoring (monitoring from within the firewall), or believe that their hosting provider is monitoring their web presence for them.

Right now, there are 26 hosting companies who are down, affecting over 2771 business websites.

Know your true end user experience

Without external website monitoring it is possible that your customers will experience severe problems when trying to access your site. Your site is being accessed from just about anywhere, and that means it is vulnerable to network interference, broken pages, missing content, routing glitches, server overloads, broken links, and slow performance. These problems will quickly cause you to lose visitors, revenue, and ultimately lower your Google ranking. In addition to all of this you need to know how your site performs anywhere in the world on different browsers and even different devices. Knowing your true end user experience is crucial in today’s competitive online world.

Pinging your servers will only tell you that your site is online, and monitoring your homepage will only tell you that the HTTP server is up and running. To monitor the true user experience you need to know the real world performance of your website load times, transactions, APIs, and much more.

Stay ahead of your competition

There is also a conflict of interest with your hosting/cloud provider. Why would they promote their problems and failures? It is important to note that web applications such as check out pages, shopping carts, login forms, and other complex processes are not monitored for errors. Your hosting company can give you a small summary of just some of the problems your site is having, where as Uptrends will give you every single detail. To ensure that your users are having a great experience visiting your website, external website monitoring is the only way to go.

Want to learn more?

Want to stay ahead of your competition and always know how your web presence is being experienced by your users? You can try us today for a free 30 day trial! If you have specific questions and would rather speak to someone, Executive Vice President Fred Dilkes can be reached at 561-997-4194 to tell you all about how you can benefit from using Uptrends!


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