Second Quarter 2018: Results are in

We started out the year strong, and the trend continues! Earnings for the second quarter of 2018 surpassed Q2 2017 by 24%!

New Uptrends customers

As our monitoring capabilities expand, so does our customer base. We are solution driven to meet your needs, and together we create a better Internet for everyone. We’ve had a lot of brands join us last quarter, and some notable customers include:

  • Apttus Corp
  • Ascensus College Savings
  • Mid Ocean Brands
  • Navix Global
  • Stagecoach
  • WeTransfer

We introduced new features and solutions in Q2

Our Development department’s motto is “always be shipping,” and Q2 was no exception.

Multi-step API Monitoring

The second quarter saw Multi-step API Monitoring move from public beta to general release! After ten months of testing, we made Multi-step API Monitoring available to all of our Enterprise and Business account holders. Multi-step API gives you the ability to verify complete API transactions from authentication through logoff. Multi-step API empowers you with the ability to create dynamic variables for data reuse, use comparison operators, make assertions, and maintain and use client certificates. You will know your API or the critical APIs you rely on work efficiently and correctly through the entire transaction. Multi-step API Monitoring is easy to set up, and it’s ready for you now.

Uptrends Vault

With Uptrends Multi-step API, we found the need for our customers to have a place to store and access sensitive information like login credentials and certificate information, so we created the Vault. The Vault helps you to organize and control your sensitive information. Read more about the Vault.

Uptrends API additions

The fourth edition of the Uptrends API continues to evolve with our developers exposing new methods all the time. During Q2 our developers exposed:

  • MonitorCheck API: The API now lets you access details of individual checks for HTTP-based monitors (HTTP headers and HTML content), Full Page Checks (waterfall data) and Transaction monitors (step details and waterfalls, when available).
  • Checkpoint API: you can now use the API to download information about our checkpoint servers (in particular the IP addresses).

Single Sign-on

Single Sign-On (SSO) for Uptrends lets you connect your enterprise or third-party identity provider solution to Uptrends. Single Sign-on gives your users a smooth, quick login experience without having to remember yet another password. All Uptrends Enterprise accounts can use Single Sign-On. Read more about Single Sign-On for Uptrends.

Improved Full Page Check Tool

Tucked in under the Tools menu in your Uptrends account is a tool called, Website Speed Test Tool (It is also available free on our website). The tool tests your site’s performance just like a Full Page Check, but it gives you some extras like your page’s:

  • Google Pagespeed Score
  • Suggested improvements as recommended by Google Insights
  • Data and charts on your object types, sizes, response codes, and the domains used.
  • A beautiful waterfall report showing the progression of your page load element by element.

You can test your mobile site with bandwidth throttling, and you can choose the browser: Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Phantom JS. Go ahead and check it out!

Desktop website test dialog

New checkpoint locations

We want to get our checkpoints as close to your users as possible, so we add new checkpoints all of the time. New additions in Q2 brought our total count to 184 worldwide checkpoints. We’ve added:

  • Buffalo, New York (United States)
  • Arezzo (Italy)
  • Indore, Kolkata, and Bangalore (India)

What’s coming down the pike

Our Dev team is always busy (remember their motto, “Always be shipping”), and they keep adding new developers. We expect some pretty cool new features coming soon.

Private Checkpoints

Still in development but coming soon, Private Checkpoints allow you to put an Uptrends Checkpoint for your own personal use directly on your network behind the firewall. The checkpoint has the same functionality as our regular checkpoints to meet all of your synthetic monitoring needs including API, transaction, availability, and performance monitoring.

New Integrations

We’ve got webhooks and VictorOps integrations currently in private beta. Look for more about new integrations soon!

Closing thoughts

2018 is proving to be an exciting year for Uptrends, and we hope you are also having a great year. With all of the new features yet to come, we anticipate that 2018 is just going to get better. Thanks again for helping us to make the Internet a better place.

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