Uptrends’ growth continues: Revenue up 25% in Q2 2016

Following a strong first quarter, Uptrends’ growth continues in the second quarter of 2016 with a 25% increase over the previous year’s revenues. Along with increased revenue, Q2 saw the addition of many new features, the publication of the French website and application, new checkpoints, and 116 new customers.

New Features

Uptrends never stops improving their services. Q2 saw many new features.

Operator based SMS settings

The available SMS providers vary based on the operator’s location. Just like with Uptrends, many companies have employees in multiple countries, so setting the SMS provider at a company-wide level doesn’t make sense for all employees. With Uptrends new operator based SMS settings feature, companies can override the company-wide default for each operator based on the operator’s location. Learn more.

Expected HTTP Status Codes

Sometimes only one status code is acceptable. For example, if a company permanently moves a page, the expected return status is a page redirect (status 301). Anything other than a 301 status is an alert situation, so the new content matching feature makes alerting on specific codes possible. Learn more.

Mobile website monitoring and multi-browser monitoring

With the large variety of mobile devices and web browser available, companies need to know that their responsive designs work properly for all of their site’s visitors. Mobile and multi-browser monitoring allow companies to choose the screen size, screen resolution, and the browser type and version for their monitoring. Learn more.

New Customers

The second quarter brought many new customers to Uptrends, 116 to be exact! The list includes:

  • Ryder Fleet Products,
  • New York University,
  • Bayer AG,
  • Kühne + Nagel, and
  • RBS.

Uptrends welcomes all of their new customers and looks forward to a long partnership.

New Checkpoints

The number of available checkpoints keeps growing. With the addition of two new checkpoints in Mexico and Columbia, Uptrends currently has 154 checkpoints located across the globe. For a complete list of checkpoints and their IP addresses visit the Uptrends Checkpoints page.

Parlez-vous Français?

Uptrends has released the French website and application! Also, look for Uptrends at the E-Commerce Paris event September 12-14, 2016. Come by the booth for some freebies and meet the team!


During the second quarter (June 6-9), Uptrends attended the IRCE (Internet Retailer Conference and Exhibition) in Chicago. Uptrends’ Executive Vice President, Fred Dilkes participated in the conference and said that the show was very successful. Besides getting hundreds of leads, Uptrends gained many new customers including All-Wall and William Frick & Company.

On the horizon

Uptrends has many new features on the horizon. Uptrends continually strives to improve and expand the Uptrends products. Look for these two new features coming soon:

Phone alerts

Expected in the third quarter, phone alerts allow operators the option of receiving automated voice messages! The new phone alerts feature is currently in beta testing, and you can expect the feature to go live soon.

Real User Monitoring (RUM)

Synthetic monitoring gives you rich data about your website performance and availability, with RUM you capture this data from actual users on your page. Because of the variations in connectivity and devices used by your visitors, the data can look very different from synthetic monitoring.  Look for more information about RUM coming soon.

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